Hope Kids Home

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Giving Kids a Hope & a Future!

Give Kids Hope has a children’s home in Chiang Rai Thailand.

It is currently home to 37 girls & 5 boys, who have mostly all come from “at risk” situations where they had little hope or future.

We need your help to Give Kids Hope!




We Have Something To Offer

Hope Kids Home is a loving, caring place filled with Love. Children who would otherwise have little hope of a good future are finding a positive environment where dreams and visions come alive. They are given a proper education so they can grow up with hope  and vision.

You Have A Golden Opportunity to help these children. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing you have rescued a child from possible drug addiction, prostitution or poverty.

Why Not Give Supporting the Kids Home A Try? We believe you will be very satisfied knowing “You are helping to shaping a childs life through education & life skill training, but we need your help to do so. We are looking forward to hearing from you.   

100% of your gift is used for the children’s support. Our children's home is run with excellence and is a full care facility because the children’s families are too poor to help.




Food: Three hot meals are served to the children every day.

Shelter: We provide dorm facilities which are “home” for these kids. Each child has their own bed with a mattress and a storage area for their belongings as well as an area to hang their clothes. 

Utilities: All of our rooms and facilities have electricity and running water. Ceiling fans are provided in all dorms and meeting areas. Cooking is done with propane.

Transportation: Currently we use a Ford Ranger fitted with a “troop carrier” rear to transport children to and from school, as well as for all business purposes, purchasing supplies, etc…  

Salaries: House Carers are employed at The Hope Kids Home. These carers live with and are available 24 hours a day for the care of the children. The salaries are currently US$250.00 each per month plus housing and food but these will increase with their faithfulness in service.




We will provide the following:

Monthly Partner Update: We will be communicating with you monthly on what is happening at Hope Kids Home as well as other areas of Give Kids Hope.

“To a child who has nothing or no one, YOU can make all the difference, a difference that will last throughout eternity.”


We need people like you…

People who are willing to help support the children’s home as new children arrive and as we expand to meet the demand of new children. As you can imagine, in a children's home setting, there can often be emergencies that arise that exceed the funds provided through child sponsorship. And without additional support the children can’t be given the level of care they deserve…

If you would like to be a regular supporter of our children's home or whether you would like to make a one-time donation, please use the link below or see further below for other ways to donate.


Can You Help a Child like this to have a Hope & a Future??????