Stephen & Sammy Darby.

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Stephen & Sammy Darby- Founders of Give Kids Hope.

Stephen is an Australian and is married to his beautiful Thai/Lahu wife Sammy; they have a 9 year old son Matthew, a 6 year old daughter Sarah, 3 foster children Joshua (9yrs), Mary (7yrs) and James (6yrs). 

They have dedicated their lives to giving the children of northern Thailand a hope & a future through doing all they can to set the children free from generations of poverty. They run athe Hope Kids Home caring for over 30 "At Risk" girls and minister to over 200 children every week.

Stephen & Sheh Mi are missionaries to the people of Northern Thailand, currently they live and minister in Mae Suai between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

They have a vision to help poverty stricken people be set free to be all they can in life.

Stephen & Sammy rely solely on the generous support of those who believe in the work they do to Give Kids Hope, without your help they could not do what they do.

If you would like to support them, you can give make a donation or give monthly by using PayPal or direct deposit in our Australian Bank.


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  Mission/Vision for the people of Northern Thailand.


Stephen & Sammy's ministry "Give Kids Hope".




We see Give Kids Hope as the spearhead to help change a culture of poverty and oppression in the villages to one of freedom by giving the children “hope and a future” through education, love and compassion.

Our Projects:

THE HOPE KIDS HOME.                                                          

A free Children's Home for those children in physical, emotional and moral danger.                                       

Hope Kids Home is a loving, caring place filled with LOVE. Children who would otherwise have little hope of a good future are finding a positive environment where dreams and visions come alive. They are given a proper education so they can grow up with hope and vision.                                                                                                               

THE GIVE KIDS HOPE TRAINING CENTER.                            

A free Children's Home/Training Center to help equip "At Risk' children to have a hope of a better future.                                    

An Education & Life Skill  training facility that is home to up to 20  "At Risk" girls where they are receiving an eductation and vital "Life Skill" training that will give them a bright future.


COMMUNITY OUTREACH.                                                         

School Outreach.    

Give Kids Hope currently reaches out to a Thai Government  boarding school where over 200 "Hilltribe" children live. The children come from very poor, remote mountain villages and have very little contact with their families. We meet at the school every weekend and share songs, encouragement and love with these children along with doing what we can to assist in any way we can.