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Because I Was Sponsored

Suwanni was 12 years old when she first came to the Give Kids Hope Home because she was unable to attend High School from her remote mountain village. Without a high school education, Suwanni would probably have been married at 12 or 13 years of age and the poverty cycle that has been in her family for generations would have just continued on. 


During her 3 years at the Hope Kids HomeSuwanni High School, learnt life skills such as cooking, washing and cleaning, personal hygiene and much more.attend


At the age of 15, Suwanni graduated Junior High and commenced a12 month Nurses Aid course in Chiang Rai that lead her into permanent employment, which has broken the poverty cycle off her life.  Her desire is to help others to have a better life by showing them that education is the only way to break free from poverty.  


Her education was only possible  


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