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Hope Kids 



Hope Kids Home is a Project that provides loving care, godly guidance and proper education for children

of northern Thailand, whom most

have been abandoned by their guardians or parents and

left in unfit environments.


Sponsorships provide these children with the opportunity to steer themselves away from a horrid life

that is destined for prostitution,

drugs or poverty.


Help Give These Kids HOPE

For A Brighter Future!!!!


The Darby's

Stephen & Sammy Darby have dedicated their lives to giving the children of northern Thailand

a hope and a future through

doing all they can to set the

children free from generations

of poverty.


They rely solely on the generous support of those who believe

in the work they do, to

Give Kids Hope For A Brighter Future, without your help,

they could not do what they do.

Help The Darby's Shine Light On These Children's Lives!!!






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